Adam Hochschild

Profession : Author ,Journalist
Nationality : American
Birth : 1942
Death :
About : Adam Hochschild is an American author and journalist. Hochschild was born in New York City and graduated from Harvard in 1963 with a BA in History and Literature. As a college student, he spent a summer working on an anti-government newspaper in South Africa and subsequently worked briefly as a civil rights worker in Mississippi in 1964. Both were politically pivotal experiences about which he would eventually write in his book Finding the Trapdoor. He later was part of the movement against the Vietnam War, and, after several years as a daily newspaper reporter, worked as a writer and editor for the left-wing Ramparts magazine. In the mid-1970s, he was one of the co-founders of Mother Jones. A Lecturer at the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley, he is married to sociologist Arlie Russell Hochschild.

Adam Hochschild Quotes

As the First World War made painfully clear, when politicians and generals lead nations into war, they almost invariably assume swift victory, and have a remarkably enduring tendency not to foresee problems that, in hindsight, seem obvious.
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For the better part of two centuries, outsiders have been offering explanations that range from racist to learned-sounding – the supposed inferiority of blacks, the heritage of slavery, overpopulation – for why Haiti remains the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.
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I think that, in almost all human beings, there is buried a profound tribal instinct that makes us very susceptible to being aroused to patriotic fervour.
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I think the tradition of well-written history hasn’t been squashed out of the academic world as much in Britain as it has in the United States.
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Newt Gingrich seldom misses a chance to note that he is a historian.
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No international court can ever substitute for a working national justice system. Or for a society at peace.
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Someday, I have no doubt, the dead from today’s wars will be seen with a similar sense of sorrow at needless loss and folly as those millions of men who lie in the cemeteries of France and Belgium – and tens of millions of Americans will feel a similar revulsion for the politicians and generals who were so spendthrift with others’ lives.
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The first World War in so many ways shaped the 20th century and really remade our world for the worse.
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Work is hard. Distractions are plentiful. And time is short.
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