Alain Badiou

Profession : Philosopher ,Professor
Nationality : French
Birth : 17th January, 1937
Death :
About : Alain Badiou is a French philosopher, professor at European Graduate School, formerly chair of Philosophy at the École Normale Supérieure. Badiou has written about the concepts of being, truth and the subject in a way that, he claims, is neither postmodern nor simply a repetition of modernity. Politically, Badiou is committed to the far left, and to the communist tradition.

Alain Badiou Quotes

A Truth is the subjective development of that which is at once both new and universal. New: that which is unforeseen by the order of creation. Universal: that which can interest, rightly, every human individual, according to his pure humanity.
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Evil is the interruption of a truth by the pressure of particular or individual interests.
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Evil is the moment when I lack the strength to be true to the Good that compels me.
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Liberal capitalism is not at all the Good of humanity. Quite the contrary; it is the vehicle of savage, destructive nihilism.
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