Alain de Lille

Profession : Philosopher ,Poet
Nationality : French
Birth : 1128
Death : 1202
About : Alain de Lille, French theologian and poet, was born in Lille, some years before 1128. An exact birth date has been hard to determine, but due to a monk's recent discovery of his' grave, it seems that 1116 or 1117 could be closer estimates. His exact date of death remains unclear as well, with most research pointing toward it being between April 14, 1202, and April 5, 1203.

Alain de Lille Quotes

After the greatest clouds, the sun.
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Do not hold everything as gold that shines like gold.
Each creature of the world Is as a book, a picture, And a mirror to us.
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He who is lying on the ground has nowhere to fall.
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Throughout the ages, a thousand roads lead to Rome.
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