Alex Borstein

Profession : Actress ,Writer
Nationality : American
Birth : 15th February, 1973
Death :
About : Alexandrea Borstein is an American actress, voice actress, writer and comedian. She is well known for her long-running role as Lois Griffin on the animated television series Family Guy, and as a cast member on the sketch comedy series MADtv.She was a writer and voice actor for several television shows, including Casper, Pinky and the Brain and Power Rangers: Zeo, before joining the cast of MADtv as a featured player, and later as a repertory player in 1997. Borstein was born in Highland Park, Illinois, a suburb north of the city of Chicago, in 1973, though some sources still say 1971. In 2010, Borstein joined the first season staff of the Showtime dramedy Shameless, as a writer and supervising producer. Now, in its second season, she holds the position of writer and consulting producer. She also guest starred in the first season episode But at Last Came a Knock, as Lou Deckner. Borstein's production company is called Crackerpants, Inc.

Alex Borstein Quotes

Every comic is really a frustrated rock star.
I got my degree in rhetoric.
I have no point in my system or morals where I say, ‘This is too far.’
I think I was born because my parents had two boys and wanted to give it one more go and try for a girl… they got me instead.
I’m still auditioning and doing other movie parts, but I really like the developing and the writing. You have more control over your destiny.
Television and film acting is really fun because you are working with other people and you are not completely responsible for the outcome of the project.
Usually, impersonations come out of something you dig, because you’re listening to it over and over. And you kind of start developing… You’re really trying to emulate them, then you realize, ‘I sound ridiculous doing this. Oh, hey, maybe this is a funny impersonation.’

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