Ammon Hennacy

Profession : Activist ,Anarchist ,Pacifist
Nationality : American
Birth : 24th July, 1893
Death : 14th January, 1970
About : Ammon Ashford Hennacy was born in Negley, Ohio. He was an Irish American pacifist, Christian anarchist, social activist, member of the Catholic Worker Movement and a Wobbly. He established the "Joe Hill House of Hospitality" in Salt Lake City, Utah and practiced tax resistance. On hearing Billy Sunday preach in 1909 he became an atheist and shortly afterward became a socialist and an Industrial Workers of the World member.[citation needed] He studied at three different institutions,: Hiram College in Ohio in 1913, University of Wisconsin–Madison in 1914, and The Ohio State University in 1915. In 1952, he was baptised as a Roman Catholic by an anarchist priest, with Dorothy Day as his godmother. Hennacy moved to New York in 1953, and became the associate editor of the Catholic Worker. In 1961, Hennacy moved to Utah and organised the Joe Hill House of Hospitality in Salt Lake City.

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Force is the weapon of the weak.

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