Andre Trocme

Profession : Activist ,Pacifist ,Pastor
Nationality : French
Birth : 7th April, 1901
Death : 5th June, 1971
About : André Trocmé and his wife Magda are a French couple designated "Righteous Among the Nations." For 15 years, André served as a pastor in the French town of Le Chambon-sur-Lignon on the Plateau Vivarais-Lignon in south-central France. He had been sent to this rather remote parish because of his pacifist positions which were not well received by the French Protestant Church. In his preaching he spoke out against discrimination as the Nazis were gaining power in neighboring Germany and urged his Protestant Huguenot congregation to hide Jewish refugees from the Holocaust of the Second World War.

Andre Trocme Quotes

All who affirm the use of violence admit it is only a means to achieve justice and peace. But peace and justice are nonviolenceā€¦the final end of history. Those who abandon nonviolence have no sense of history. Rather they are bypassing history, freezing history, betraying history.
Tags : Nonviolence , Violence Topics : History , Justice

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