Bela Balazs

Nationality : Hungarian
Birth : 4th August, 1884
Death : 17th May, 1949
About : Bela Balazs was a Hungarian film critic , esthetician , writer , screenwriter , librettist , director and poet. Balázs was the son of German-born parents, adopting his nom de plume in newspaper articles written before his 1902 move to Budapest, where he studied Hungarian and German at the Eötvös Collegium.  In 1949, he received the most distinguished prize in Hungary, the Kossuth Prize. In 1958, the Béla Balázs Prize was founded and named for him as an award to recognize achievements in cinematography.

Bela Balazs Quotes

Film art has a greater influence on the minds of the general public than any other art.
Topics : Art

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