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Actually, my mother and Alfie came for three weeks’ Christmas vacation and stayed for 21 years. I guess my mother never went back because she was lonely.
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First of all, returning from motherhood, I was looking for something lighter, and I wasn’t as much attracted to Kate as I was to the relationship between the two people.
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I just love motherhood.
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Motherhood is a great honor and privilege, yet it is also synonymous with servanthood. Every day women are called upon to selflessly meet the needs of their families. Whether they are awake at night nursing a baby, spending their time and money on less-than-grateful teenagers, or preparing meals, moms continuously put others before themselves.
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Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing.
Motherhood was an ever widening circle of good-byes.
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Pregnancy and motherhood are the most beautiful and significantly life-altering events that I have ever experienced.
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The best thing that could happen to motherhood already has. Fewer women are going into it.
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The most consistent gift and burden of motherhood is advice.
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We know that birth takes a woman from one place in her life to another. The birth of a child certainly does change her viewpoint of herself and I believe her viewpoint of the world.
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You don’t have favourites among your children, but you do have allies.
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Anger and hatred lead to fear; compassion and concern for others allow us to develop self-confidence, which breeds trust and friendship.

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