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(The Bears) should have been matching our intensity. But we had to match theirs.
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A lot of people who watch DVDs are people who are interested in, if not moviemaking, then creativity in general.
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All God does is watch us and kill us when we get boring. We must never, ever be boring.
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As a musician myself, it annoys the hell out of me to watch an actor trying to play a guitar out of time with the music.
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As a viewer of television if there’s something I don’t like or find offensive, I just don’t watch it.
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But ‘Sixteen Candles’ is the only movie I could watch over and over and over without getting sick of it.
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Contrasting styles is always the most fun to watch.
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Don’t tell me to watch the beat. You watch me.
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Ever since ‘Lassie’ and ‘Old Yeller’, I won’t watch animal movies. Animals in movies always die.
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Ghost stories always creep me out and weird me out. Those are always interesting to watch.
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Habits are safer than rules; you don’t have to watch them. And you don’t have to keep them either. They keep you.
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He is winding the watch of his wit; By and by it will strike.
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I am an artisan. I only became an artist when people watch what I do. That is when it becomes art.
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I am obsessed with trash TV. I watch all reality shows. I watch all the ‘Housewives.’ I am a huge fan of ‘New Jersey.’
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I couldn’t watch Tom and Jerry. The cruelty was too much. I had all these strange images, of tiny animals, all mixed up.
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I don’t get to watch Futurama, until it’s on TV.
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I don’t have role models or watch much TV. I go to awards ceremonies but often I don’t even know who the people are. I think that’s good, because then you don’t have preconceived ideas about them.
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I don’t like to watch my own movies – I fall asleep in my own movies.
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I don’t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.
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I don’t really get a chance to watch much television.
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I don’t really get a chance to watch much television. I mostly watch BBC Worldwide and repeats of Seinfeld and Everybody Loves Raymond.
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I don’t really watch movies. I don’t own a TV.
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I don’t watch a lot of featherweight fights yet some of those fights are the best fights ever.
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I don’t watch much TV or films, but I’ve watched Cameron Diaz.
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I don’t watch television.
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I don’t watch TV.
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I enjoy eating and have no issues with eating. I am not going to be one of those girls who have to watch her weight.
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I feel like I don’t watch that many shows with death.
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I have a DVD player and I have DVDs, and I have no time to watch any of them.
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I have to watch the news or my day is not complete.
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I haven’t done as many films as I would have liked. A lot of my contemporaries have done more. I don’t have ‘I will be a movie star’ emblazoned on anything, but I’d like do a bit more screen stuff and then when the time is right come back to theatre. When it is good, theatre takes a lot of beating both to watch and perform.
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I just admire everybody and sit in awe and watch them.
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I know that you’ve got to watch how you spend all the dollars. That’s not the easiest thing to do. That’s not what people think is the most fun thing to do, but it’s the right thing to do.
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I lie around the floor with my cats Billy and Jazz or watch DVDs with my best friends.
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I like simple things. I like to sneak in the theatre and watch movies. I’m a movie buff.
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I love to read, I love to watch movies, and I love to be with my children.
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I love to watch movies.
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I love to watch times change!
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I need to stop carving out four-hour chunks to do random things and go home and watch my children grow up.
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I never look at my watch when I’m sketching!
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I play Xbox. I have a little boy to look after. I have dogs. You know, I have things to do. I would love to be able to sit down and watch something like a movie. I watch my own movies because I have to.
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I think 1973 was the nadir of fashion. When you watch the coverage from that era, you’re struck by the astonishing ugliness of the clothes.
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I think once you’ve finished a movie you really have to detach from it so that you can come back and watch it as an audience member.
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I usually tell people I watch like ’24’ and ‘Prison Break.’
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I want to make sure that no matter how long I go through this, I don’t fall into the trap of changing and modifying how I do things that aren’t a positive example. I want to remain somebody that the entire family can listen to or watch.
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I watch a lot of hockey. There are some good hockey players and there are some awfully stupid hockey players.
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I watch what I eat every day. I mean, who actually eats with their eyes closed?
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I’ll watch any show on the History Channel.
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I’ll watch anything as long as it’s good. I can’t choose just one movie that I love.
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I’m a guy who likes to watch something cool, creepy and suspenseful and there is no show to watch as an adult that would scare me at for even four seconds.
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